Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for new and exciting Valentine’s Day activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place! We have so many new Valentine’s arts and crafts to choose from in this year’s most loveable selection of heart crafts.

Valentine's Day Party Supplies

Throw the sweetest Valentine’s party around with this year’s most loveable selection of party supplies! With everything from party bags to tableware sets - we have you covered!

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Valentine's Day Craft Activities

Get crafty for the season of love with this best-selling range of Valentine’s Day Craft Activities.

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Valentine's Day Craft Supplies

Stock up on the loveliest seasonal craft essentials around and get excited about Valentine’s Day.

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Creative Station has a section of great ideas and helpful hints and tips too. As the foam marbling skills develop how about making extra special Christmas cards or even a photo frame.

Valentine's Day

Step into a world of heartfelt creativity and endless smiles with this range of Valentine’s Day craft ideas. Packed full of great ideas and easy activities for kids to enjoy, this selection of heart crafts and Valentine’s Day activities is a treasure trove of inspiration.

We have some delightful and age-appropriate craft ideas for young children to celebrate Valentine's Day. Choose from ready to go Valentine’s Day crafts with our all-in-one kits or get stuck into a brand-new hobby like wood craft with that sweet loveable twist.

If it’s more of a Valentine’s Day art activity you’re looking for then why not choose some pink and purple paints and create some stamp art or grab some heart stickers to create homemade valentines’ cards.

At Baker Ross we know parents are always on the lookout for new seasonal activities to capture the essence of the season, so we created this loveable range to make Valentine's Day fun and exciting for creative kids. From sewing, sticking, painting and more, there are so many skills that kids can learn in this fun themed range of arts and crafts.

Take the time to enjoy the season with our top Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids. Watch as little hands bring big smiles to everyone involved, making Valentine's Day a cherished celebration for the whole family.