We've got a great selection of educational crafts for kids, from musical instruments to Egyptian mosaics and ancient Roman headdresses. Children will love creating their own bit of history, or putting their lessons to practical use, then enjoying play time fun with their projects too!


There's sporty fun for everyone with our great range of football crafts and toys. Kids can bring their passion for the sport inside with our fun football themed range.

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Welcome to the fascinating world of educational crafts, where creativity meets learning. In this fun approach to education, crafting becomes a dynamic tool to engage children in exploring subjects ranging from history and religion to dinosaurs and outer space. Our fun yet educational craft kits help bring history to life. Kids will love creating their own bit of history or putting their lessons to practical use. These projects can then be enjoyed afterwards.

With the Baker Ross Dinosaur crafts, those awe-inspiring creatures from a distant past, become more than just images in a book as dino loving kids craft their own prehistoric scenes and dinosaur decorations.

Parents and teachers love educational crafts that compliment the yearly school curriculum. By bringing the knowledge out of the book or on the screen and into a tangible craft project, kids are so much more immersed in what they are learning.

Car loving kids will also find our educational craft themes so much fun as we have so many transportation craft ideas to be made and played with. From racing cars, boats and planes to hot air balloons and trains, there’s a craft kit for every child.

Dive into our inclusive range of educational craft ideas and easy activities to set up for kids to enhance their learning.