Let the animal kingdom inspire your next craft session. With popular animal themes created into all-in-one craft kits, both parents and kids will love the activities on offer. Explore all areas of the animal world with our fun range of arts, crafts and toys.

Woodland Animals

You’ll love our woodland animal crafts range it’s packed full of wonderful woodland animal craft ideas.

How-to Guides

Looking to master a new skill? Let us get you started in a new crafty pastime with the support of these how-to guides covering a variety of techniques. Just follow along step-by-step!

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Animal crafts are a delightful way for kids to explore their creativity while learning about different animals. There are lots of fun animal craft ideas to be found in our range. Browse what’s on offer in our animal’s range today. There’s sure to be an all-in-one craft kit that’s perfect for your creative kids. The hard part will be choosing the best animal craft ideas!

From majestic lions and playful dolphins to sweet butterflies and lovely llamas, our collection of animal crafts is an exciting invitation to play and explore the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom through the magic of art and imagination.

We have great animal arts and crafts and animal paper crafts to stimulate their imagination. Whether engaged in crafting lifelike animal figures or exploring the intricate world of animal origami, our animal craft ideas are guaranteed to make mini makers smile.

o, whether you're a teacher or a parent looking for a creative way to engage your children with the animal kingdom, our animal-inspired craft kits are a great place to start. There are hand puppet sewing kits, sand art kits and scratch art kids to name a few.

Join us on this hands-on adventure of animal arts and crafts that sparks curiosity and celebrates the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom.