Nature themed crafts for kids are a great way to bring the outdoors in and invite them to explore the world around them. There’s plenty of nature craft activities, natural crafts and outdoor crafts ready and waiting for your kids to discover.

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Jam packed with bird crafts; this colourful range of bird craft ideas will leave you squawking with joy!

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Fully stocked with butterfly activities and butterfly crafts for kids of all ages, you’ll love this colourful range.

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There are so many flower crafts to discover, but which flower crafts for kids will be your favourite?

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Brighten their day with rainbow crafts and easy rainbow art ideas that make rainbow making a breeze!


Animal crafts for kids is an amazing way to learn about the animal kingdom. There’s plenty of animal arts and crafts to pick from, including animal paper crafts, and so many animal craft ideas on our Creative Station ready and waiting for your kids to discover.

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Farm Animals

Bring your favourite farm friends to life at home or school with these farm crafts.

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Jungle Animals

There are so many jungle animal crafts to discover, but which kids’ jungle crafts will you choose?

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Woodland Animals

You’ll love our woodland animal crafts range it’s packed full of wonderful woodland animal craft ideas.

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These pet crafts will be enjoyed by all pet-obsessed kids, we have pet craft ideas for everyone!


Encourage your child's imagination with these whimsical crafts and toys. Our fantasy crafts range promotes creativity and a love of make-believe. Choose from dragons, unicorns, fairies, and wands to bring endless play and storytelling opportunities. Give the gift of imagination Baker Ross.

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Create and play with our huge range of fairy crafts, activities, and toys.

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Our huge range of mermaid crafts and fun toys is MER-mazing!

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Set sail on a pirate adventure with our imaginative pirate crafts and essentials.

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For truly majestic crafts browse our unique unicorn craft range.

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We've got a great selection of educational crafts for kids, from musical instruments to Egyptian mosaics and ancient Roman headdresses. Children will love creating their own bit of history, or putting their lessons to practical use, then enjoying play time fun with their projects too!

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Encourage little ones to learn as they make with our history focused art and craft supplies.

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Our religious crafts range is packed full of craft ideas to strengthen faith and celebrate shared beliefs.

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Our great range of dinosaur crafts for kids are simply DINO-mite!

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Open the kids' eyes to the universe with our space themed range of craft kits, art supplies and toys.

How-to Guides

Looking to master a new skill? Let us get you started in a new crafty pastime with the support of these how-to guides covering a variety of techniques. Just follow along step-by-step!

Inspiring creativity

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When it comes to kids' craft themes, there are few that capture the imagination and curiosity of children quite like animals and nature. These themes offer a magical gateway to the natural world, inviting young minds to explore, create, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

The Baker Ross kids crafts range focuses on the themes most loved by children to spark joy and excitement in their next craft project. They include garden crafts, rainbow crafts, sea life crafts, woodland animal crafts and so many more fun themes.

Crafting with kids is not only a fun and creative way to keep them engaged, but it also encourages their artistic development and fine motor skills.

Animal arts and crafts allows kids to bring their favourite creatures to life, whether it's through colourful paper butterflies, handprint woodland animals, or even crafting their own tiger paper plate masks for playful adventures. Animal crafts are so much fun!

What’s amazing about nature crafts is that it gets children to connect with the great outdoors, creating art inspired by the falling leaves, bright flowers, and the changing seasons. These themes not only spark creativity but also instil a sense of wonder and respect for the environment, making animal and nature-inspired crafts a delightful and educational way for kids to express themselves while embracing the world around them.