Season Tree Project

The changing of the seasons is a great activity theme for a classroom, group or home educating session. This project uses an array of creative essentials to make up a folded book that gives children a tree-shaped page for each season. They can decorate the pages to highlight the characteristics of each particular season, showing how the landscape changes for each one by using stickers, pens, pencils and gems.

Season Tree Project

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To start, choose three light green sheets of card, then draw a tree in pencil. This should include a thick trunk, approx 16cm at the widest part and a bushy head of leaves approx 24cm at the widest part.
  2. Once you have drawn your tree onto card with pencil, cut it out with scissors. To save time, use this tree as a template, draw round then cut out a further two trees from light green card. Once you have three trees, fold each of them neatly in half lengthwise.
  3. Once folded, secure the three trees together with staples, staple once at the top and once at the bottom. Do this by stapling the top of the tree, facing the stapler down into the centre crease, to help keep the staples hidden.
  4. Turn over the front cover of your tree. Now get a piece of light brown card and based on the measurements of the trunk on the first and second page, draw a tree trunk that will fit the width and height of the trunk, then glue in place. Do this again for the third and fourth page.
  5. Now repeat this process for the fifth and six page and the seventh and eighth page, but this time use dark brown card. The top of the tree on these pages needs to be blue, not green, so paint with light blue paint of use light blue card to stick over the top of the green card. Now add branches to your tree. Draw branches onto dark brown card then cut out before gluing to the trunk.

  6. Spring page

  7. The first and second pages can be entitled spring, use self-adhesive foam letters and carefully stick at the base of your tree. Now decorate the leaf area of your tree with flowers. To do this, we used self-adhesive foam sheets in white and pink. Firstly, draw your flowers, then cut out and peel off the backing before pressing firmly down to stick on your tree. Repeat this until your tree is covered with pretty flowers. Now get a sheet of blue self-adhesive foam and draw a bird. Cut out and stick to the left hand side of your tree, then draw an outline and wing detail with a dark blue felt pen. Now add a wiggle eye and colour the beak in yellow. Finally cut out small strips of brown felt and stick at the base of the bird to make a nest.

  8. Summer page

  9. The third and fourth pages can be entitled summer, again, use self-adhesive foam letters to do this and place towards the base of your tree. Underneath the word summer, affix some green strips of self-adhesive foam, these are your flower stems. Do this five times and place each green stem 3cms apart. Complete this beautiful array of flowers by adding a flower foam sticker to the top of each stem and firmly sticking down.
  10. Now add a selection of green and yellow leaf felt stickers to the top of your tree to complete.

  11. Autumn page

  12. Entitle your autumn pages using foam letters and place at the base of pages five and six. Fill the very bottom of the trunk with leaf foam stickers, we used a selection of orange, red, yellow and green leaves. Now do this again for the leafy section of your tree. Use a variety of different sized leaves to fill up the whole of the green area.

  13. Winter page

  14. Entitle your winter pages using foam letters and place at the base of pages seven and eight. Now add snowflake felt stickers to the pages, spreading them out to look like falling snowflakes. Add a coloured gem to the centre of the larger snowflakes for a sparkly finish.
  15. Finally, use a white acrylic pen to draw snow of the winter tree branches, then finish by writing your name followed by the words ‘season tree’ on the front cover of your book.

Top Tip

You could also try this as a group activity, encouraging each group to decorate a book together before presenting the finished item to the rest of the class.

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